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Steel River Consultants (SRC) Ltd is of the UK’s leading health and safety consultancies with offices in Stockton-On-Tees and Shardlow, in Derbyshire. Although SRC built its reputation in the renewables and industrial sectors, the company now applies its specialist knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries. Clients include several major global players in the renewables/industrial markets such as E.ON, one of the world’s largest public utilities, and Prysmian Group, the world’s biggest manufacturer of cables, as well as smaller regional organisations.


Our mission was to develop a marketing strategy for Steel River Consultants with the aim of building the company’s profile and increasing awareness amongst key target groups, ultimately driving revenues. Subsequently, we were commissioned to deliver key promotional elements such as website development, brand development and the design of communications material.


Real Results Marketing initially conducted several in-depth strategy sessions with the management team, looking into the company’s existing client base and potential markets. We also carried out competitor audits.

We developed key marketing objectives and a tactical promotional schedule to support these objectives.

Our research identified that while Steel River Consultants was successful in identifying and quickly moving into key markets, once in those markets, there was not enough marketing support to build momentum.

As a result, we developed, wrote and designed an interchangeable 32 page booklet that had the facility to easily adapt to specific sector requirements. This clearly communicated service benefits and generated high levels of trust among prospective clients. We launched this at a series of trade exhibitions. We also developed the company’s brand, ensuring both the style and message were consistent across, not only a full suite of promotional material we designed, but in the publicity we generated in our press and online media campaigns.

As well as raising the company’s profile in key target markets, our research indicated that SRC’s regional reputation needed enhancing. This would secure more regional business and also indirectly help with search engine optimisation for the company’s website. Consequently, we secured significant coverage in the region’s press and online. We also entered SRC into the regional Business Awards where the company reached the finals.


Our work positioned Steel River Consultants as a key player in highly competitive sectors and helped secure several major six figure contracts.

The company’s regional profile has been established both in the North East of England and, increasingly so, in the Midlands.

The newly-developed client centric website has delivered increased traffic and the series of events we organised and attended has generated significant new business.

Our next priorities are to help the company expand into additional geographic locations and to enhance our brand support and development with an element of direct sales through appointment generation.


  • Market research
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical planning
  • Branding
  • Website develolpment
  • Design - promotional toolkit
  • Public relations - Publicity
  • Event management



Steel River Consultants Ltd

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