Exhibitor’s guide: How to stand out from the crowd at a business expo

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The DL Expo is a great way to get your business noticed by the right people. As one of the biggest business expos in County Durham, the venue will be packed with hundreds of potential customers all day.

But how do you make sure your business stands out from the rest? Patrick Masheder, managing director of Real Results Marketing, gives his top tips:

Prepare yourself: Before the big day it pays to run through your sales pitch to potential customers. Potential customers will feel reassured by your confident grasp of all the facts and figures. You might only have a few minutes to showcase your company, so every second counts.
Taking part in a business exhibition is great fun, but it’s hard work too. Make sure you are well-provisioned for the long haul – take along something to eat and drink to keep your energy levels up.

Stand out from the crowd: It’s a fact that an eye-catching stand with professional banners and well laid out materials will attract more visitors. Your stand is your shop window - spending a few minutes to make sure it projects the image you want is a good use of your time.
If you don’t have attractive point-of-sale materials, then get some printed beforehand. A small investment can pay-off handsomely.
Get your advertising printed in good time so you can check the wording and - more importantly – the spelling.
If you can, assemble your stand in your workplace before the show so you can see where everything goes and how it looks.

Be consistent: Make sure your marketing and press materials are on-message. Everything you give out should have a consistent look and message. If in doubt, ask a marketing or PR consultancy to help you out. Expert help doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be invaluable in helping to build your brand.

Give them something to remember you by: The canny visitor always asks for a business card – so many sure you have plenty to hand out. Even if someone doesn’t ask, it’s a good idea to finish a pitch by offering your card.
Similarly, it’s a good idea to have a bowl or a large glass jar on your table so people can drop off their business cards for you. Then, when the Expo is finished, you will have an invaluable database of contacts and potential customers. Try to collect as many email addresses as you can, too. The Internet is a wonderful tool for marketing your business when you’ve done the hard work at the Expo.

If in doubt, give it out: The offer of something for nothing is a lure most people cannot resist. So why not produce a range of cheap promotional items, such as pens, T-shirts or, increasingly popular since shops and supermarkets started charging for them, bags? However, if you plan to give out gifts it’s important to get the branding right. Make sure your freebies carry the message you want to get across. Sweets and nibbles are also sure to find favour – just remember to ration your supplies or you’ll run out in the first hour. Giving some tempting freebies away from your stand is a great way to create a ‘buzz’ around your display.

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