Business expo guide: How to capitalise on business seminars

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Regardless of whether you are visitor or an exhibitor, it’s always a good idea to attend a couple of seminars when you attend a tradeshow.

Patrick Masheder, managing director of Real Results Marketing, has the following advice for those attending the DL Expo.


If you are an exhibitor, it’s a good idea to take someone along who can mind the store while you are away.
Try to attend the same seminars as potential customers - and don’t lose a moment networking before and after the event.
If you attend a seminar on a familiar topic you can dazzle potential clients with your expertise. You might even be invited to join the panel next time. Becoming an expert speaker is one of the most effective ways to build your business and your personal reputation.


It’s a smart idea to pre-book for seminars you don’t want to miss. Pre-booking cuts down on wasted time when you get to the event, too.
If you are attending with colleagues, it’s a good idea to split up. That way you can attend more seminars and gather more information.
If you want to record the seminar on your phone or with a camera do the right thing and ask for permission beforehand. You might even get a better seating position.
If you plan on using social media during a seminar, such as tweeting your thoughts, don’t sit at the front - pick a spot where you are out of the speaker’s direct line of sight.
If you have a query don’t be afraid to put your hand up when the speaker invites questions from the audience. Speak slowly and confidently and listen carefully to the reply - a seminar is a great place to get instant feedback from an expert.
Afterwards there will be a chance for one-on-one conversation. Don’t pass the opportunity up if you want more information.
Some seminars provide free resource materials. If you are feeling particularly bold you might even want to ask the speaker for a copy of their speech materials - just remember to be polite and be prepared to take ‘no’ for an answer.

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