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MicroSlat International Ltd is the leading manufacturer of aluminium slat wall and shop fittings based in Darlington, County Durham. Approximately 25 per cent of its products are exported. Clients include several major retailers such as New Look Retail Group Ltd and Marks & Spencer Plc. The company’s fixtures and fittings have also been used in some of the world’s leading visitor attractions including Titanic Belfast and the Sage Gateshead.


Real Results Marketing was engaged to create a marketing strategy for MicroSlat International Ltd. Subsequently, we were commissioned to deliver key promotional elements such as advertising, PR, digital communications and design a new website.


The project consisted of two stages. The first step was to develop a coherent marketing strategy that would deliver the effective and efficient use of resources.

We worked closely with the management team and workforce to develop a marketing strategy by setting up focus groups. On researching the market, we discovered that it was incredibly wide and that to achieve growth it was imperative to ruthlessly segment the market. Having done this, we were able to position MicroSlat as the leader in its field. We carried market research in targeted sectors and developed a sample pack to send to prospects. We also carried out a promotional audit to identify and enhance areas of strength and to shore up area of weakness.

For stage two, we enhanced the company’s market position by giving it a consistent brand message in its external communications. We revamped its advertising, not only with regards to design but we were able to focus the resource on key markets that would give maximum return. We ensured the brand message in our PR activity matched and reinforced the advertising activity. Following this, we linked the digital communications to the brand, setting up social media channels. Finally, we implemented a campaign of email communications to drive sales and encourage key prospects to test the product.


Our initial marketing strategy proved successful not only targeting key markets but in the effective redistribution of resources, saving the company thousands of pounds. MicroSlat International Ltd has seen an increase in profits and exports have risen from ten per cent to 25 per cent of turnover. Overall, turnover has increased as a result of the project. We have doubled the database in size and it continues to grow.


  • Market research
  • Strategic planning
  • Tactical planning
  • Promotional audit
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Public relations - Publicity
  • Email marketing

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